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What is your return policy?

Due to the digital nature of the FSOT Study Pak, it is non-returnable and non-refundable. Please contact our support at info@fsotstudyguide.com if you seek assistance in the setup process of your files.

How do I download the software to view the flashcards on my Blackberry? Is it free?

The FSOT Flashcard Pak works with GFlash for Blackberry, a flashcard program that connects to your Google Documents account to access card sets.  The software was free up until January 2011 – it now  costs $4.99.

Upon downloading and unzipping your FSOT Study Pak, simply locate the files in the “FSOT Flashcard Pak for GFlash” folder and upload to your Google Documents account. Gflash syncs with Google Doc’s and gives you instant access to all 9 card sets.

Check out their website for detailed instructions!

I purchased the FSOT Pak for my Dell which recently crashed. I now have a Mac but want to know if I can download the same software on my Mac?

Yes, there are MAC friendly files for Cuecard that work on a MAC.  The PDF versions of the flashcards are MAC friendly as well.

How current is this information?

Updates to the FSOT Study Pak are schedule for release every March.  The current version is from March 2010.

I entered an incorrect email address into paypal, and cannot re-download the cards. How can I redownload the cards?

For a support related issue such as this, contact us via email, info@fsotstudyguide.com for further assistance.

E-mail addresses can be updated on our end and download links re-activated :)

Where are the Wikipedia links on the download file?

You will find your Wikipedia links within a PDF file in a folder titled “FSOT Wikipedia Terms and Links” in your Study Pak.  Simply open the PDF, click on a term and a pop-up will open with your Wikipedia entry :)

Are answers for the study guide available?

ACT unfortunately does not provide answers to their study guide.

Why aren't there instructions for simple downloading and accessing included in the file?

We’ve provided instructions online via our FAQ’s to allow easier distribution of new questions or software updates.

Can I download the FSOT Study Pak to my iPad?

Absolutely – but in order to download the Pak (which is a compressed .zip file) you will need to download the appropriate app, such as the following:

Zip File Viewer

When I open up a PDF I get a message that links are blocked. How do I fix this?

Quick fix, just watch the video below:

Do I need to buy software to get the flashcards on my IPhone?

No, the flashcards come in multiple formats that are compatible with free flashcard apps for your iphone.  A Google Docs account is required.

Is there free flashcard software?

Yes, the FSOT Study Pak comes with file formats that are compatible with the free flashcard software Cue Card and Pauker.  A Winflash educator file is included as well, but requires purchase of the software ( a 30 day trial is available).

My cell phone runs Windows Mobile, what is the best flashcard software to use?

The pdf option is probably the easiest option for you.  Simply upload the letter size pdf file to your phone and open it using Adobe Reader LE, which is standard on all Windows Mobile phones.

How do I set up my flashcards?

When you purchase the FSOT Study Pak you receive a PDF with instructions on how to set up your flashcards.  Depending on your chosen delivery method, mobile device or desktop/notebook computer, you will be required to download flashcard software.  The instructions provide suggestions and include associated files for each.  If you wish to use your mobile device, refer to the instructions for installation of GFlash Mobile.

While we provided some options, you are in no way limited to just these suggestions for flashcard software.  The .csv file included with the FSOT Study Pak is compatible with countless flashcard software providers.

If you need support, please email us at info@fsotstudyguide.com.  We’re happy to assist in any way to ensure you’re up and running with your study materials.

I can't get this to download on my iPhone, why is that?

The file you download is a zip (compressed) file which needs to be downloaded from a computer (windows based or apple).  Upon extracting the files you will see the various files associated with your intended delivery mode (computer, mobile phone, etc.).  The files will then need to be moved to the device for use with various flashcard and pdf viewers.

I purchased the FSOT Study Pak a couple of weeks ago and am now unable to access the download link to get access my files, what should I do?

The download link for the FSOT Study Pak is only active for 5 days after initial purchase and can only be downloaded a total of 5 times within that download period. If you need to re-access your files simply send a request to info@fsotstudyguide.com with a copy of your invoice # and we will gladly resend you a download link.

I'm not looking to spend a lot of time setting up my flashcards, what's the easiest way to get started studying?

If time is of the essence, we suggest using the letter size PDF as a delivery method for the FSOT Flashcard Pak.

Check out the following video which shows the reading and scrolling mode within Adobe Acrobat Professional.  If you’re looking for an easy to use interface for quickly scrolling through flashcards, the pdf option is by far the best.

How do I install Cue Card software on my computer?

Check out this quick video showing you how to install and use Cue Card flashcard software:

I have downloaded gFlash, but how do i get the flashcards from my computer to gflash so that i can see them on my ipod touch?

In order to upload the FSOT Flashcard Pak to your IPod Touch with gFlash you will need a Google Documents account to upload the FSOT Flashcard Pak .csv to.

From the My Flashcard Library screen, tap the Downloads icon and enter your gmail username and password to search and download the cardset from your Google Documents.

Note, if your username is a “@gmail.com”, you can leave off the “@gmail.com”.

gWhiz Mobile has a forum for support if you encounter any questions about the gFlash Iphone App.

What IPhone app do you suggest for flashcards?

Aji Reader is a great app for viewing PDF documents. The navigation feature makes skimming through cards much quicker than swiping.

Here’s a quick overview of the app’s features:

Aji Reader Guide and Install Documentation

I downloaded Cue Card but am having trouble viewing. Copy is cut off on several cards...

Please contact support at info@fsotstudyguide.com for support.

Will flashcards work on the iPad?

Yes, the FSOT Study Pak’s flashcard sets have been tested on the iPad’s Gflash app, and work extremely well. The PDF formats are terrific as well due to the larger screen size.

If i buy this, can I use it on both my laptop and my iPhone?

Yes, the FSOT Study Pak includes files for use on both mobile devices such as the iPhone or Blackberry or notebooks. You will receive files for use on flashcard software programs such as Pauker and Cuecard and Winflash Educator.

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