If you pass the FSOT multiple choice and essay sections, you will receive an email asking you to submit a Personal Narrative (PN) in which you answer questions describing the knowledge, skills, and abilities you would bring to the Foreign Service. The firm deadline for submission will be three weeks after the request is sent to you.

The PN offers you the opportunity to highlight not just what you have done, but how you did it and what you learned. You should provide examples from your previous experiences that show you have the skills to be a successful FSO. This is an important part of the application and is read carefully by each member of a Qualifications Evaluation Panel (QEP) made of up trained Foreign Service Officers.

You’ll want to highlight your most salient qualifications in the PNQs.  For example, if you’re a recent graduate with little work experience, you’ll most likely want to focus on your academic and volunteer experience.  If you’ve been in the work force for a number of years you’ll likely focus on your job experiences and their associated responsibilities.  You’ll want to think broadly about your personal, educational and professional experience, including paid and volunteer work experience, educational achievements, training, awards, hobbies, sports and travel.

The 13 Dimensions and 6 Precepts

The panel assesses the PN based on the 13 Dimensions and the Six Precepts that are predictors of success and advancement in the Foreign Service.

These precepts include:

  • Leadership: innovation, decision making, teamwork, openness to dissent, community service and institution building
  • Interpersonal Skills: professional standards, persuasion and negotiation, workplace perceptiveness, adaptability, representational skills
  • Communication Skills: written communication, oral communication, active listening, public outreach, foreign language skill
  • Management Skills: operational effectiveness, performance management and evaluation, management resources, customer service
  • Intellectual Skills: information gathering and analysis, critical thinking, active learning, leadership and management training
  • Substantive Knowledge: Understanding of U.S. history/ government/culture and application in dealing with other cultures. Knowledge and application of career track relevant information.

The PNQ’s consist of 5 essays, with a 1300 character limit for each.  They seek a great deal of information in a limited space so you’ll want to highlight your most salient qualifications.  All information in both the application and the personal narrative is subject to verification and any misrepresentation of fact is grounds for terminating your candidacy.

To help write your PN, focus on your own experience in answering the questions. Use these precepts as a guide to

(1) give positive examples that demonstrate your abilities;

(2) identify learning experiences;

(3) indicate how your learning experience will contribute to success in your chosen Foreign Service career track.

Once your essays have been submitted, your file moves on to the Qualifications Evaluation Panel.

A Note on References

You are not required to give references for your employers but you are required to provide references for the PNQ’s. During the last several rounds of testing, references have been contacted.  It’s critical that you choose the correct references and notify them ahead of time. These references do not need to be superiors but they must be people familiar enough with your work to verify your stories.



  1. Chad says:

    Are these essays required to be formatted any specific way? Are we able to use sources to back up our opinions or is it completely auto-biographical?

  2. Ralph Hensley says:

    What are the “13 Precepts” noted on your webpage? The link is broken. Thanks

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