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DipNoteThe State Department’s Official Blog

Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide

American Foreign Service Association

Overseas Expat Life from Tales from a Small Planet

Life After Jerusalem

The HegemonistA great blog on the FSOT and Foreign Affairs

The Daily Demarchea career FSO blog devoted to the life and lifestyle of the Foreign Service

Tumbleweeds Articles dedicated to a potential FSO’s ascent to the Foreign Service

State Department Magazine

Career Diplomacy – Homepage for the book by the same name.

Foreign Service Blogroll

240 to 120

A For Adventure

A World Not Our Own: A Public Diplomacy Blog

A year in Egypt


Absentee Voter

Across the Equator

Adventures in Good Countries

Adventures in Thailand

Adventures in…Limbo

An Artist’s Musings

Anne’s Blog

At Post

At Your Service in Switzerland – Aaron Martz

At Your Service in Switzerland – Anna Martz


Beau Gest, Mon Ami

Beyond the Cornfields

Bob’s Foreign Service

Calling A Spade A Spade

Cats With Passports

Changes and Colours

Chronicles of Chris

Code Yellow Mom

Consul At Arms

Consul At Arms II



Dan and Duffy

Dead Men Working




Diplomat and Cat

Diplomat Doc

Diplomatic Baggage

Diplomatic Incidents

Diplomatic Pickle





Email from the Embassy


Face the Sun

Five Fleming Rovers and a Dog

Foreign Circus Life

Foreign Service Husband

Four 2 Go

Freeloading Traveler

From an Anthropological Perspective

From Russia With Love

FS Tips and Tricks

FS Travel Tales

FSO Globetrotter

Girl in the Rain


Great Diversions

Guatemala Holla

Half-breed Outlaw

Hawkes Family Abroad

Heather’s Adventures Around the World


Holly in the Foreign Service

I’ve Come to Look for America

Irreverence Abroad

Jacksonian Realist

Learning to Walk in Stilettos


Letters from Eagle Rock

Life Is What Happens While We’re Making Plans

Life on the Mekong

Lime of Sight

Linger Longer

Loves, Laughter and Lavender

Masha and Jeremy went to Afghanistan

Matt and His Naked Thoughts


Meandering Memos

Midlife Diplomatic Crisis

Minnesota Gal’s Weblog


Mountain Runner


My Name is Jon, and I’m Gay

Nick and Liz Go Global

Not the Forest Service

Our American Family

Our Macedonian Adventure

Our Serbian Story

Overseas View

Patchwork Planet



Political Fermentations

Prince Roy’s Realm

Psychological Diplomacy

Quienes somos

Rambles and Ruminations

Random Neural Firings

Red Licorice and Jujubees

Rees Family Bogota

Rock Star in Dhaka

Ryan and Lori’s Exciting Adventures


Schutz Happens

Scott and Jill’s Big Adventure


Six Months of Settled

Skeptical Bureaucrat

Something Edited

Stamps In Our Passports

Steve and Lisa – Hither and Yon

Taitai Knits

Tasman’s World

Teamroy Adventures


The Adventures of Hutch and Dutch

The Consuls Files

The Cookie Pusher

The Davis Family Adventures

The Dinoia Family

The Dipnotes

The girl behind her diplomat

The Hegemonist

The Hoosier Cable

The Khaki Diplomat

The Mas Alla

The Navigator

The Ohio Diplomat

The Oyster

The Partition

The Perlman Update

The Ronin Road: Life in an Iraq PRT

The Vegan Diplomat

The Warpiper

The Way I See Things

The Year of Living Unpredictably

Trailing Male

Trailing Spouses

Travel Tales



Two Crabs

Vamonos Let’s Go!

Viajes y pensamientos

Vice Consul

Victory is Mine

Where In The World Am I?

Where In The World Is Jamie?

Where in the world is Luca Galeno?

Whirled View


WoodLand Travels

World Adventurers

World Chump

Worldwide Available

Worldwide Dave

yrstruly – world wanderer


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